Why You Should Use a Keyboard Test

Whether you’re a steno typist, a gamer or just someone who uses a keyboard at work, the keys on your computer have to be working correctly. When one key stops working, it can be frustrating and sometimes even cause lost productivity. But instead of rushing out to the store for a new keyboard, it’s often better to first try to determine what is the problem with your laptop keyboard and then fix it. A keyboard test is an easy way to do that, and can save you some money in the process as well.

A keyboard tester can be accessed from any computer or mobile device and is free to use. It works by using a virtual on-screen keyboard to detect any missing, stuck or incorrectly functioning keys. It also tests for the presence of special keys like num lock and caps lock, as well as modifier keys such as Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Windows.

The keyboard test tool can also display the amount of key rollover, which is the number of keys that can be pressed at once without interrupting the computer. This is an important feature for users who require a high level of accuracy to do their work, as the tool will alert them to any key that was not pressed correctly.

Another helpful feature of the keyboard tester is that it can also be used to check for a faulty port. If the keyboard does not respond when plugged into a different port, then it is likely that the pins inside the connection port have become bent and are unable to make contact with the computer. This can be easily corrected by gently straightening the pins with tweezers or needle-nose pliers.  keyboard test