What to Look For in Ski Socks

The ski socks you choose can have a big impact on your comfort and ability to stay warm on the slopes. A great ski sock must do more than just keep your feet warm and dry, which is why the best ski socks offer advanced features like anatomical shaping, merino wool, targeted cushioning and compression zones.

The best ski socks are made with materials that wick moisture quickly, which is essential for keeping feet dry and comfortable. When you ski, you generate heat through movement, which translates into water vapor that can easily soak into your feet and cause discomfort. The right socks are made of materials that transport this water vapor away from your feet, and they also need to fit snugly enough to allow your boots to vent properly.

Most ski socks are a bit thicker than everyday cotton socks and feature extra padding in areas of boot pressure points, such as the shin, to prevent blisters. They are usually made from a breathable material like merino wool, which helps regulate your temperature and has anti-odor properties. They may contain a small amount of synthetic material for added stretch and durability, and they often include a compression zone to improve blood flow and reduce swelling.

If you’re looking for the best ski socks, consider a pair with a performance thin fit and sustainably harvested merino wool. Darn Tough’s Pennant RFL Ultra-Lightweight and Smartwool Ski Zero Cushion are both good choices that will keep your toes toasty from first chair to last call. wool ski socks