What is an Instant Hot Water Tap?

A boiling water tap, or instant hot water tap, dispenses steaming, near-boiling water at the push of a button or turn of a handle. It saves time, energy and the inconvenience of having to fill a kettle, wait for it to boil or crank up a burner on a stovetop. It’s a smart kitchen gadget that’s useful in almost every situation, and one you won’t regret buying.

A: While it may seem like a fancy new kitchen gadget, there’s a lot more to an instant hot water tap than meets the eye. These units connect directly to your property’s water supply and have a small electric tank that heats the water before it’s dispensed. The tanks are usually insulated, so they don’t warm up to dangerously high temperatures, and are kept out of the way under your sink (you might have to replace or install a drain valve on your sink to accommodate the tank).

You can find them in a range of styles and finishes, and some even include a built-in filter for delivering clean, delicious, filtered drinking water, such as Fohen’s Futura Fizz 5-in-1 tap. Many also offer regular hot and cold taps in addition to boiling, to meet your household needs.

Most people assume that boiling water taps dispense water at 212°F, or ‘boiling’ point, but the truth is that they don’t – the temperature of the water varies depending on the model, and can be set lower. Nevertheless, the taps are very safe to use, and most have a childproof catch that has to be depressed before the lever can turn, and an insulated spout to protect against accidental scalding.  instant hot water tap