Water Tank Cleaners

A water tank cleaner is a device that helps to clean the interior of water tanks. This can be done by using a brush, hot water and detergent or even an ultrasonic cleaner. It is important that the cleaning process is carried out regularly to prevent bacteria from building up inside the tank. A water tank that is not cleaned correctly can lead to a foul smell and bad taste in the water that is supplied to occupants of buildings.

It is also recommended that a risk assessment should be conducted prior to cleaning work starting to ensure technicians and Responsible Persons are familiar with hazards and how to reduce/control them. In addition, it is advisable to inform/communicate with users that the water supply may be limited while the tank(s) are being cleaned (and use signs as appropriate to encourage reduced usage of showers/taps during this time).

The best way to clean a water tank is to drain it and then scrub the interior with a mixture of hot water and detergent. The tank should then be rinsed thoroughly with clean water to remove all traces of detergent. The tank inlet should be drained as well and any pumps or boosters associated with the system should also be flushed to ensure they are free of detergent.

Chemical cleaning is a more effective and safer method of water tank cleaning, as it offers high quality results and full removal of biolfim, scale and attachment points for new biofilm growth. Chemical cleaning also produces lower surface-borne chlorine demand, allows for easier inspection and delays re-formation of deposits.  water tank cleaners