Designing Great Business Cards

Despite the prevalence of mobile phones that can quickly scan a website or QR code, Business Cards are still an important marketing tool for businesses. They communicate your professional image, give people something to remember you by (especially after quick interactions) and can lead to referrals and new business. When you’re designing your business cards, consider how they’ll reflect the personality of your small business and the industry you work in. For instance, if you’re an interior designer who prefers clean lines, design a sleek, minimal card that conveys that professionalism. If you’re a dog walker or other service-based small business owner who has a more playful personality, design a fun, colorful card that reflects your outgoing nature.

Business card details like your name, phone number and email address are essential to include, but don’t be afraid to get creative with the rest of your business card design. Your background color can make a statement, and the font you choose reflects your brand. For example, a real estate agent might opt for a more classic sans serif font, while an artist or content creator could use a bolder, more expressive font.

Texture and embellishment also add a high-end feel to your business cards. Using specialty printing techniques like spot UV or embossing can elevate a simple, traditional look to something that will impress the person who receives your card. Paper finishes such as silk, deckle or eggshell can also create a beautiful and memorable experience for the recipient.  for Business Cards