The Role of The Immune System In Cancer

It has been discussed in many places that the average human being actually develops cancerous cells repeatedly but those cells are destroyed by the immune system, as it should be. The only time we ever become aware of the existence of cancer in our bodies is when our immune system has already lost its fight against it.

Sadly, instead of spending millions of dollars a year to discover ways to increase the effectiveness of the immune system, we have a “war on cancer” that effectively helps kill the patient. To learn more about how cancer is created in the body and why, read Cancer Free For Life.

The immune system contains some of the fastest replicating cells in the human body. Chemotherapy agents are designed to poison replicating cells. The usage of the word poison here is highly appropriate, given that the history of chemotherapy can be traced directly to mustard gas, a highly toxic chemical used in warfare. So, in utilizing chemotherapy, a physician is taking a risk and betting on the fact that the cancer cells will be killed before the patient is. In keeping with the “war” metaphor so often used in describing our current treatment of cancer, the standard treatments are akin to dropping nuclear weapons on a city to stop a small group of terrorists. If the effectiveness of the attack was judged only by the death of the terrorists then this tactic would be wildly successful. So it has been with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The fact that these treatments also kill healthy cells and cause great damage to the patient is simply collateral damage. The most sadly ironic aspect of both chemotherapy and radiation treatments is that they are both carcinogenic. Any cancer development, after the initial treatment, is considered a recurrence of cancer…even if it is a completely different form of cancer. By phrasing it as such, the treatment is simply considered “ineffective” and people don’t find out that the “recurring” cancer is actually caused by the treatment.

Of course, these treatments don’t always cause more cancer. However, there is serious damage caused to the immune system and cancer treatments are the cause. This damage opens the patient up to a wide-range of infections and diseases. Keep in mind that if a patient undergoes traditional cancer therapy and experiences shrinkage in the tumor, the treatment is deemed successful. If the patient then dies of pneumonia, for instance, resulting directly from the treatment of cancer, they were still treated successfully for cancer. This is despite the fact that, if not for the treatment of their cancer, they would still be alive.

If you are diagnosed with cancer, it’s important that you listen to what your physician tells you with an open mind. Don’t operate under the assumption that your doctors knows everything there is to know. Research your other options, learn everything you can and take control of your own recovery.

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