Nusa Penida Private Tour

If you are a traveler looking for adventure and unique spots, then you should consider Nusa Penida tour. This cool island offers something for everyone, from nature lovers to culture enthusiasts.

Experience the best of Nusa Penida with this all-inclusive tour! See the famous Tree House and marvel at the breathtaking Kelingking Beach. Then, take a dip at Angel’s Billabong, a natural pool carved from rocks.

Manta Point

Embark on this Nusa Penida adventure to witness colossal manta rays dancing gracefully in the water. Explore Crystal Bay, Gamat Bay, and Wall Point and be enchanted by the abundance of reef fish and marine life. This tour is a great way to see the best of Nusa Penida in just one day!

Located a little further from Toyapakeh, Manta Point is what’s known as a “cleaning station.” Giant manta rays and a variety of other marine creatures come to the area year round to be cleaned of parasitic copepods by small wrasses. Often accompanied by dolphins, sharks, turtles, and eagle rays, Manta Point offers spectacular underwater scenery that includes vibrant coral reefs and a variety of tropical fish.

Explore the untouched beaches of Nusa Penida with this private tour. Visit Kelingking Beach and Broken Beach, sheltered coves nestled beneath towering cliffs, and capture picture-perfect moments at Angel’s Billabong and Crystal Bay. Enjoy lunch and comfortable transportation on this private island trip!

Crystal Bay

Revel in the serenity of Crystal Bay and explore the undersea wonders of Nusa Penida on this remarkable tour. This enchanting island getaway will take you to the most awe-inspiring spots, including Teletubbies Hills, Thousand Island viewpoint, Tree House, and your choice of Diamond Beach or Atuh Beach.

Crystal Bay is one of the most gorgeous beaches on the island, offering white sandy shores and crystal clear water. You can relax on the beach or snorkel to see the reef and underwater marine life. This is also the perfect place to watch a magical sunset in Nusa Penida.

The waters at Crystal Bay are refreshingly blue and look especially striking against the backdrop of the cliffs on the island. Make sure you bring a camera and snap some photos at this breathtaking beach.

Angel’s Billabong

Located on the west coast of Nusa Penida, Angel’s Billabong is a breathtaking natural pool that’s worth seeing. The beach is craggy, with rocks that tower over the crystal-blue water. Its name comes from a mythic story, which says that the pool was used by Angels to bathe.

The best time to visit Angel’s Billabong is from May through October, when the weather is dry and sunny. However, it’s a popular tourist spot, so you’ll need to arrive before 10 AM or after 4 PM to avoid crowds.

The easiest way to get to Angel’s Billabong is by taking a high-speed ferry from Sanur, Padang Bai, or Kusamba. Gotravela Indonesia offers online tickets for the ferry, so you can book your trip in advance and save money! Then, you can relax and enjoy your Nusa Penida experience. This is the perfect way to see the highlights of the island in a day.

Kelingking Beach

One of the most iconic beach destinations in Bali, Kelingking Beach is an awe-inspiring tropical paradise that has skyrocketed Nusa Penida’s popularity thanks to its stunning cliff views and a natural infinity pool. It’s even home to a band of cheeky monkeys that hang out by the edge of the cliff, hoping for some handouts from tourists!

This popular beach can be quite crowded, so it’s best to visit in the morning. The rocky path down to the beach can be steep and dangerous, so it’s best not to attempt to hike down during sunset, when the temperature will be higher and the sea may be rougher.

Discover the most epic spots in Nusa Penida on this all-inclusive tour that includes hotel transfers, fast boat tickets, and snorkeling equipment. Take a dip in Crystal Bay Beach, spot colossal manta rays at Manta Point, and walk to Angel’s Billabong and the jaw-dropping Kelingking Beach.

Gamat Bay

Gamat Bay is another one of Nusa Penida’s magnificent destinations, though it is less accessible than Crystal Bay. To reach the beach, you must travel by road to the top of a hill and then follow a fairly easy path down to the water’s edge. This means that you will usually only encounter a handful of other snorkelers and divers at the site.

If you’re looking for a way to avoid the crowds and see some of the best sites on Nusa Penida, then this is the tour for you. You’ll visit Broken Beach, a unique beachless cove surrounded by towering cliffs, and take pictures of Angel Billabong and Kelingking Beach. You’ll also snorkel at Crystal Bay, which is famous for its clear waters and beautiful marine life.

The tour includes door-to-door transportation from your hotel and lunch, so you can relax and enjoy your time on the island. Book your tour through Klook to secure your spot!

Wall Point

If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding mountain bike ride on the west side of the island, check out Wall Point. It has some steep rocky sections, off-camber sharp turns, and a few blind corners. But it’s not nearly as difficult as some other trails on Nusa Penida. It also has some amazing views of the ocean, Mt Diablo, and Las Trampas.

Nusa Penida is a paradise with a rugged landscape, lush forests, and a beautiful coastline. It’s home to some of the most epic hikes and beaches in Indonesia, and you can visit it on a variety of tours. This guide has dozens of amazing tours that let you explore the island in style. Whether you’re looking for clifftop views or spiritual temples, Nusa Penida has something to offer everyone. Just pack your sense of adventure and make sure your camera is fully charged! private tour nusa penida