The Best Coffeeshops in the City

The best coffeeshops have something to offer that sets them apart from the rest, whether they roast their own beans, serve locally roasted brews, have a unique atmosphere or some other feature that makes them stand out. Some of these spots also have food, wifi, seating and other amenities that make them even more welcoming to those who just want to meet up with a friend or work on their laptop.

In a bustling office building, this coffee shop offers a relaxed environment for those who need a break from the noise of the city. The coffee here is excellent, made with the highest quality beans and served in a traditional earthenware cup. The menu also carries pastries and other light fare, with seasonal items available as well.

This Danish import is a favorite among locals and tourists, with its calming Scandi design, table service, and exceptional coffee. Their coffee is roasted in-house, and they adhere to a strict buying calendar to ensure the freshest beans with the best flavor.

At any time of day, this coffeeshop is filled with chatting friends and those who are busy working away on their laptops. Its big, light filled space is great for hunkering down with a book and sipping on the best cup of joe in the city.

The ambiance here is warm and cozy, with an awesome Greek inspired vibe that really brings the place to life. The only downside is that this place gets crowded very quickly so it may be difficult to find a seat to work or chill.