Spartan Tool Model 502 Drain Cleaning Machine

The original and modified Spartan drain cleaning machine consists of a motor-driven drum that normally holds a snake (cleaning cable). The drum spindle is mounted for rotation on, and surrounded by, a tubular frame. The front end of the spindle is supported by, and rotates within, a reversible front bearing assembly mounted on the frame.


Spartan’s Model 502 Machine features a motor-driven cable drum that normally contains a cleaning cable, also known as a “snake.” The spindle of the drum extends through its front opening and is rotatably mounted for forward movement on a frame. The front end of the drum’s spindle is supported by a reversible front bearing assembly mounted on the front support frame. Zoom Drain was given the Customer of the Year award at this year’s WWETT Show for their long-standing relationship with Spartan Tool.


Spartan Tool is dedicated to ensuring that customers’ equipment always runs properly. The company recently awarded Zoom Drain their Customer of the Year award at the WWETT show, highlighting a long-standing relationship between two companies that share a focus on providing top-quality drain and sewer services to their customers.

The position will require working offsite in a company provided Spartan or Mini Boom service truck to perform drain cleaning tasks as well as sewer video camera and locating work using the Spartan 100 and 1065 machines.


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