Stag Party Budapest – Things to Do on Your Stag Do in Budapest

A city that can boast castles, thermal baths and the mighty Danube River, Budapest is one of Europe’s most stunning capitals and the perfect place for your stag party weekend. With temperate weather, affordable accommodation and world class restaurants Budapest has something for everyone. From extreme activities to a huge range of award winning bars and world class nightclubs there is a lot to be excited about.

The city is split into two parts, Buda and Pest, but don’t let that confuse you. Buda may be the older and more cultured part but Pest is where all the party action happens. Luckily Pissup can help you plan a mix of things to do that will keep everyone happy in both sides of town.

With a city that’s as famous for its hot girls as it is for its cold beer, why not treat your mate to some girl on girl action during an Erotic Dominatrix show, especially booked just for him? Or how about a night of stripping and drinking aboard a limo where he can have his very own personal dancer? Or perhaps a trip to one of the city’s casinos where he can try his hand at some gambling?

Budapest is home to some of the best bars in the world so it goes without saying that a night of bar hopping on a stag do in this city will be right up his street. There is also the chance to take in all the sights of the city on a guided tour that includes Buda and Pest or even go for the speedy option and get around the whole of the city in under three hours.

Alternatively, if your stag wants to learn the finer points of shooting then why not take advantage of Hungary’s lax gun laws and book him on an Extreme Shooting package that will see him progress through smaller calibre handguns to eventually fire an AK-47? Or maybe the stag would prefer to test his luck and learn about Hungarian history whilst on a fun Budapest Pub Crawl.

If you have any mates with a sweet tooth then they will love the chance to sample some of Hungary’s finest desserts during a Chocolate Tasting and Eating Experience. Or why not try some of the country’s classic dishes such as Goulash which is a traditional stew that’s more like a soup than a typical stew and is made with meat, potatoes and vegetables and paprika, Toltott Kaposzta which are minced pork, rice and spices wrapped in cabbage or chicken Paprikash served with sour cream and dumplings.

If you’re looking to really pull some strings then you can’t go wrong with a few Budapest Stag Do Pranks that will leave your mate’s future wife wondering what she’s in for. There are four fantastic pranks to choose from, including the hitchhiker stripper, the stag arrest, a naughty maid wake up and the rolly polly prank that will have him pulling his pants down in shock. stag party Budapest