Range Finders and Its Uses

Several years ago I first started using a range finder at that time I had no idea that it would be such a valuable tool when it comes to hunting. To me it is just as important as a set of good binoculars.

Binoculars help you find what you are looking for but rangefinders let you know when it is close enough to make a shot. Now with the new rangefinders some of them have ARC (angle range compensation). With this extra tool no matter what angle you are shooting from then these range finders give you a true distance from stand to pray. This is one of the most recent improvements in range finders today.

With old range finders, you would get a correct distance but it did not compensate for the angle in which you were shooting. I have missed a lot of whitetails by not knowing the correct distance and not compensating for the angle that I was shooting. Never leave home on any outing that you may need to know what distance you make shooting whether or not you are rifle hunting or bow hunting.

To me it is more critical for you to use range finders while bow hunting. Bow hunting is more of a challenge because you must wait for the animal to get a lot closer than you do with a rifle. When bow hunting, my shooting range is from 5 to 35 yards. When rifle hunting I prefer the animal to be in the 100 yard range but I can shoot up to 300 yards as that is the longest distance that I feel good about shooting. Rangefinders will help you get close up in the outdoors. shooting range Budapest