Selecting a PTFE Hose Manufacturer

PTFE hose is engineered to resist chemicals and can be used in food, pharmaceutical or chemical processing, or with turbine engines. It has a broad temperature range and will not melt or deteriorate over time. It has a low coefficient of friction and water absorption is negligible. It also resists corrosion and will not contaminate chemicals, making it ideal for use in industrial applications.

When selecting a ptfe hose manufacturer, look for one with extensive testing capabilities and experience in producing high-quality, customizable hoses. Different industries have unique requirements, so be sure to find a manufacturer who can meet your needs.

A ptfe hose manufacturer can provide a wide variety of standard and custom hoses, including core and convoluted PTFE hose, sanitary, rubber covered FEP-lined transfer hose and stainless steel wire braided suction and discharge hoses for chemical or corrosive materials. They can also design, fabricate and install hose assemblies. Field engineering, plant surveys, product training and technical support are offered. EDI and inventory management programs are available.

PTFE hose manufacturers can also supply process PTFE hoses that have been lined with virgin or anti-static PTFE to improve cleanliness and reduce bug traps, especially in steam or clean in place (CIP) systems. Unlike traditional process hose, these PTFE-lined hoses have a full bore throughout their length and have no joints, which prevents contamination. The hoses can be provided with either a flared or taffed end fitting, which allows the liner to expand and compress at bending points, rather than creating a discontinuous seal on the outside of the bend. This allows the media to contact only the PTFE liner ‘wetted parts’, providing excellent fluid resistance and low friction. ptfe hose manufacturer