Heat Pump Dehydrator

The heat pump dehydrator is a new energy efficient drying technology which is able to extract moisture from the air. It is an alternative to traditional drying techniques and it has many advantages including high efficiency, reduced cost of electricity utilization and good product quality. Its energy performance can be assessed by its MER (moisture extraction rate i.e kilogram of water removed per hour), SMER (specific moisture extraction rate), COP (coefficient of performance) and thermal efficiency [22].

The FD 60 is designed to efficiently dehydrate your products while retaining taste, texture and nutrients. The system has a chamber that holds up to 18 racks and can remove up to 24 lbs of moisture per hour. It has a dual and reversible air flow design that ensures even dehydration with no hot spots. The system is also equipped with an intuitive touch screen controller programmed with flexible drying scheduling software. Drying schedules can be saved, modified and remote access is possible as long as there is internet connectivity.

Heat pump dryers use the thermal energy of the drying exhaust gas absorbed by the evaporator and the electric energy of the compressor to drive its operation. The heat in the exhaust gas is mainly latent and it has a high calorific value, so it is an ideal endothermic source of heat for the evaporator. Its efficiency can be improved by using a fan to generate hot air at a lower temperature than the ambient.