Relx Pod Review

If you’re looking for a new pod vape or to replace your old JUUL device then look no further than the Relx pod. With an excellent wicking, great throat hit and various flavours to choose from you’ll be impressed by this little beauty.

This is the best-selling pod vape on our website, with a good reason – it’s easy to use. Simply plug the Relx classic into your battery and start enjoying your e-liquid of choice. The pod is filled with 1.9mL of e-liquid which will give you plenty of puffs, and the pod can be replaced easily when empty.

Relx is known for its rich flavor profile, with a variety of flavours to suit all tastes. They offer fruity, dessert-inspired, and refreshing menthol flavours, as well as the classic tobacco flavour that many smokers have come to love.

Each Relx pod is made using high-quality ingredients and undergoes stringent quality control and testing to ensure it meets strict standards. They also have a number of different nicotine strengths available for your convenience, which means that there’s a Relx pod to suit every vaper.

The Relx pods have a distinctive duckbill shape to allow for a more comfortable draw and their atomizer is designed with dual silicone rings to prevent leakage. They’re also equipped with a honeycomb ceramic atomizer to reduce overheating. A battery indicator light lets you know how much power is left in the Relx pod, but you’ll need to remove the pod and pop it back in to examine the status. Relx pod