Pharma Shopping – How to Save With Pharma Shopping

Millions of Americans are getting hit by skyrocketing drug costs, and it’s not just those who have no insurance coverage. Even those with prescription drug plans are noticing that their copays are increasing or their medications have been dropped from coverage. The best way to cut those costs is to shop around. Many pharmacies price drugs differently, and you can find some of the lowest prices at independent or supermarket pharmacies. But if you don’t have time to call around, there are some great apps that help you save.

The internet makes it easy to buy prescription medicines online, and legitimate drug-dispensing sites take steps to make sure that customers receive their medications and that the products are genuine. However, there are also rogue sites selling unapproved medicines or bypassing established procedures meant to protect consumers.

In addition to comparing prices on-line, you can check to see if the drug manufacturer has any coupon programs available for patients. These programs typically work seamlessly with your insurance and may reduce your out-of-pocket cost. A simple Google search for “drug name” and “savings program” should point you to the right place.

Another option is to use the mail-order options offered by some pharmaceutical companies. But you should be careful, as these drugs often come in 3- or 6-month supplies, so you must be certain you will stick with your medication regimen. Moreover, some of the more established drug stores offer mail-order services as well.