Good Ice Breaker Questions For Your Next Team Meeting

Whether you’re preparing for your first team-building session with new hires or looking to lighten the mood in an existing meeting, good ice breaker questions can be the perfect antidote to workplace burnout. Laughing with coworkers helps lower cortisol levels and pump out endorphins, which promotes healthy physical and mental wellbeing. Whether your colleagues are prone to telling jokes or not, icebreaker questions can be fun and lighthearted — no one needs to come up with a showstopper answer. They’re also a great way to discover your teammates’ hobbies, interests and quirks that you may not have known about.

In addition to revealing more about your colleagues, icebreakers can also help break down communication barriers and create a sense of psychological safety. This is especially important in virtual meetings where the environment can be more secluded.

We’ve compiled a list of some fun and engaging icebreaker questions to ask your team. From fun and witty questions like “What’s your favorite guilty pleasure song?” to more serious and sincere topics, such as “What is the worst thing that has happened to you at work?”

These icebreaker questions can be used as a quick get-to-know-you activity or even for a longer team building session or corporate event. If you want to add a fun twist to these questions, try turning them into a game of Would You Rather or This or That. You’ll be surprised at the creative answers your colleagues will give!