Mid Face Lift

The mid face lift is a surgical treatment to address the aging of the middle third of the facial features. The procedure is intended to elevate cheek fat pads (malar pads) for a more youthful appearance, tighten muscle supports and soften creases and wrinkles. It can be performed alone or in conjunction with a full facelift, brow lift and lower eyelid surgery. The result is a more natural shape of the face and more prominent cheekbones.

This operation is appropriate for men and women who are in good general health but who have lost some of the elasticity of their skin. It is not recommended for patients with a history of poor wound healing or those taking certain medications that may interfere with proper blood clotting (such as anticoagulants).

A mid face lift should be performed by a double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, such as Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, who is happy to educate his patients about this exciting option for restoring their appearance and confidence. Patients interested in learning more about this treatment are encouraged to schedule a consultation with him either in person or online.

During your visit, you can discuss your cosmetic goals and concerns in depth with him to determine if this treatment is right for you. He will also review your medical history to ensure that you are a safe candidate for surgery. He will explain the cost of the procedure and answer any questions you have.  mid face lift