Custom Gaming PC Builder

Putting together your own PC is a rewarding, if often time-consuming experience. You can choose components that fit your budget and gaming needs, and you can learn from your mistakes along the way. However, not everyone has the time or expertise to build a custom PC. In that case, a growing number of companies offer to build a computer to your exact specifications for a price.

Here are some of our favorite custom gaming pc builder options to consider:
Newegg is one of the most well-rounded custom PC builders around. It lets you configure your build by choosing between entry-level, mid-level, or a so-called “enthusiast-level” rig. After that, it lets you compare various processors, optical drives, cooling devices, and everything else that a typical gamer would need.

Corsair is another company that takes the guesswork out of building a high-end PC. Its gaming PCs start at $1,600 and top out at $5,000. It even offers a branded prebuild co-developed with Shroud, a popular Twitch streamer and Valorant player.

iBuyPower makes its own gaming rigs, and they’re designed to be as sleek and attractive as possible. Its easy-build tool allows users to select their preferred games and price point, and then it will provide them with three ideal rigs for them to customize.

Xidax may not have the brand recognition of some of these other PC builders, but it stands out for its focus on customer satisfaction and ease of use. Its customizable gaming rigs are sleek, and they include a tempered glass side window to let you see your PC in action at all times. It also offers a two- or three-year parts and labor warranty on all of its builds.  custom gaming pc builder