Merit Beauty Reviews

With a clean and well-edited lineup of 10 makeup products, Merit Beauty is the minimalist beauty brand that is perfect for anyone who wants to do a curated five minute makeup routine. Launched in January 2021 by Katherine Power (a cofounder of affordable skin care brand Versed and Who What Wear), the line was designed to help you look like yourself but better, all within a few minutes of application.

The formulas are quick to use, the products are easy to blend, and they offer good shade inclusivity. However, I am concerned about some of the ingredients used in the products. For example, Polyethylene found in their Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Stick and Flush Balm Cheek Color is a non-biodegradable nanoplastic that releases toxicants harmful to human health including benzene and plasticizers. It also accumulates in the environment. Another issue is the presence of acrylates in some products, particularly acrylate copolymer which is found in the Day Glow Highlighting Balm and the Great Skin Instant Glow Serum. Acrylates are made by treating phenol with ethylene oxide which is a known carcinogen.

Also, several products contain fatty acids which are derived from petroleum and are a common source of environmental pollution. Additionally, I am concerned about the lack of third-party verification for the brand’s “clean” claims and about their loose guidelines for ingredients since they do not list them on their website or on their products. They do, however, state they are EU REACH compliant which is a standard to improve the safety of cosmetics and personal care products. Merit Beauty Reviews