Careprost – How to Use the Eyelash Enhancer

Careprost is an eyelash enhancer which works to increase the growth and thickness of your eyelashes. It is easy to use and works within a specific timeframe. You have to apply it twice a week to get the desired results. Many people also use it on their eyebrows but you should only do so after getting a prescription from your doctor. This medication can cause uveitis, swelling inside your eyes. You should not take careprost uk if you have a history of intraocular inflammation or have been treated for glaucoma.

It is important to wash your hands and face before applying the solution. You should also remove your contact lenses before using the product. Place one drop of the ophthalmic solution on an applicator brush and then apply it to your upper eyelid margins at the base of the eyelashes. You should not apply the medication to the lower lid of your eyes or to any other areas of your face. After applying the medication, wipe any excess liquid that falls on your face skin with a paper tissue.

The product is manufactured by Sun Pharma, India and has a trusted seal on the top of the box. It is available on various websites but you should choose an online store with a good reputation like premiumrxdrugs. You should also ensure that the site has a secure payment gateway. If you want to buy careprost uk, look for sites that offer a variety of discounts and services.  careprost uk