Buy Tiktok Shares

If you’re a social media creator, it’s no secret that Tiktok has become a household name. This video-based social platform has seen an increase in popularity during the 2020 pandemic, and its users have exploded across America and even the world. You may have heard that the company is set to go public, and you may be wondering whether you can buy tiktok shares.

Unfortunately, you cannot buy tiktok stock in the form of shares in the company because it is privately owned by ByteDance. However, there are ways to invest indirectly in the company. First, you can purchase shares in ByteDance’s parent company, KKR & Co. Inc. KKR is publicly traded, and it has invested in Tiktok on two occasions at different valuations for the company.

Then, you can purchase shares on platforms like Equitybee. This service allows accredited investors to gain investment access to high-growth startups before they IPO.

Tiktok is a fast-growing company, challenging the dominance of Facebook and other giants in the social media space. The company has even attracted the attention of top gamers, such as renowned professional Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, who recently removed Tiktok from his device because he was concerned about privacy issues with the app. However, there are concerns that the app could be used to manipulate users and spread fake news. Therefore, it is important to be cautious with your investments and monitor the news surrounding the company. If you’re interested in investing in Tiktok, sign up for a free account on Equitybee today!  buy tiktok shares