Button Head Screw

Button Head Screw is a type of socket cap screw with a rounded button-shaped head that is tightened with an Allen wrench (hex key). They have a larger bearing surface than a standard pan head machine screw, making them ideal for applications with limited overhead or clearance. The recessed head on these screws also helps protect against accidental catching of skin or clothing when using the tool.

The hex drive on these screws makes it easy to grip them and apply a high torque. However, they are not designed to be driven into hard surfaces. This is because the hex shape can damage the screw head or the surface of the item being fastened. When used in this manner, these screws must be limited to the amount of torque applied or the fastener will fail.

If you need to drive these screws into hard materials, try using a torque multiplier or a power driver to reduce the risk of damage. In addition, it’s important to use the correct head type for your application. There are many options available from Accu, including Pan Head, Slotted and Hex Head.

To find the right screws for your needs, shop our complete range of metric and imperial head types, materials, finishes and drives. We offer a variety of sizes to suit your specific requirements, and all of our products are fully tested to ensure quality and integrity. We are proud to be an authorized distributor of premium brands, and all our fasteners come with a full lifetime warranty. Button Head Screw