Zip Hydrotap – Filtered Boiling and Chilled Water in One Compact Underbench System

With zip hydrotap you can enjoy filtered boiling and chilled water in one compact underbench system. It’s simple to install, easy to use and looks great in your kitchen.

Unlike hot water tanks, which boil and store hot water for later use, the Zip hot water system heats water on demand so it’s available instantly. This helps reduce electricity consumption and costs.

In fact, the energy saving features of a Zip hot water system will often pay for themselves in under three years. That’s because they help to lower your energy bills, stamp out wasted water and protect the environment.

Zip has a large range of tap styles, finishes and dispensing configurations to suit any home or office decor. From ultra-modern to boho chic or contemporary classic, there is a model to match your style and taste.

The G4 model is also highly energy efficient, thanks to high-tech insulation and innovative power phasing with Power-Pulse electronics. It can also be programmed to run in a variety of timed power-off modes and has an auto-sleep function.

The pumped filtered water delivers crystal-clear, great-tasting chilled and sparkling water that adds life to juices, cordials, spirits, wines and coffee. It’s a wonderful alternative to fizzy soda waters and you’ll quickly find yourself drinking more water as a result of the Zip effect (which is very good for your health).