Wholesale Angel Figurines

Add a divine touch to your home with a selection of beautiful wholesale angel figurines. These heavenly creatures will become the guardians of your soul and a source of inspiration for you and your family. They are also wonderful reminders to tune into our gentle energies and omnipresent wisdom. They are truly a gift from above.

Angels & Cherubs

Angels and cherubs are beautiful and often ethereal creatures, adding a sense of peace to a home or office. They can also be inspirational and uplifting, offering comfort and hope. They are a popular subject for artists, especially in sculptural art. Whether they are depicted as messengers, guardians or simply in a state of grace, collectors have always sought to add them to their collections.

The chubby baby-faced imposter angels are called cherubs, and appear throughout ancient and Renaissance art. They are sometimes referred to as putti, but are usually identified by their Greco-Roman classical features. They are often associated with the Greek god of love, sex and desire, Eros, or his Roman counterpart Cupid.

Although the studio didn’t offer this cherub as a retail piece until 1991, it was created at least a decade earlier. It was the same mold used to make the baby Jesus for the 1979 Cybis catalog House of Gold, and a photo of it top a Christmas tree at the studio is shown in a Cybis in Retrospect article from 1982.

This small glazed angel has both the eagle stamp in the mold and the MC signature (Marja Cybis) that she was signed with at the studio from 1960-1965. She is unique among the 1950s papka angels in that she has a dipped-lace bow which no other studio angel of this type has ever been found with, and that part of her ribbon sash is broken off.

Gemstone Angels

For spiritually minded people, crystal angels are an excellent choice for enhancing your connection to the divine. Natural crystals such as amethyst, rose quartz and selenite carry high vibrational frequencies that connect you to the angelic realm. These crystal angels help you to release any negative energy, heal and grow spiritually. They also protect you from psychic attacks and transform any negative energies into positive ones.

Gemstone angels are often carved with different gemstones that represent various qualities, such as jade for purity, lapis lazuli for self-reflection and truth, and tiger eye to balance your emotions and strengthen your aura. These beautiful crystal angels can be worn or used to decorate your home or office. They are great gifts for friends and family who may benefit from the healing properties of the stones they contain.

The sturdily sculpted resin angels in this collection feature several different poses, including standing, praying and holding flowers. One angel even has a copper colored halo, reminiscent of Gabriel’s trumpet and the sound he makes when blowing it. Raziel is an archangel who imparts esoteric wisdom and can teach us to accept our weaknesses. He also helps to ease depression and bring emotional stability. Haniel radiates inner feminine qualities outward like the moon and can assist you with developing your intuition and clairvoyance.

Resin Angels

Resin angels are often hand painted and have white dresses that look like they are carved from wood. Some have iridescent glitter dusted over them. They also feature a trumpet, violin, and harp. This resin angel assortment features a variety of different angels playing instruments and standing in various poses. They are a perfect addition to any music room or office.

Besides serving as guardians and protectors, some religions depict angels as benevolent celestial intermediaries between God (or Heaven) and humanity. The roles of angels vary by religious sects, but most angel figurines are seen as a means of comfort or support for humans.

Some are pictured holding flowers or praying for others, while others are shown sitting and contemplating. These beautiful resin angels are great gifts or collectibles.

Metal Angels

A regal addition to any home decor or gift display, this set of metal angels is sure to be a showstopper. The angels each feature a detailed design on their faces and wings. Each one stands atop a rustic base for added charm.

These angels are designed with a distressed finish and gold accents. With heads bowed and arms uplifted, they are a stunning addition to any holiday display. These angels also make great gifts for any special occasion.

Led by Sigarda, this flight of angels is characterized by birth and rebirth. They also represent purity. They were the only flight to side with humanity in the battle against Avacyn, avoiding corruption. They wore the Symbol of Life on their foreheads to represent this. They appear in the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, its spin-off manga, video games, and visual novels. They also appeared in the yonkoma manga Petit Eva: Evangelion@School and the film tetralogy Rebuild of Evangelion.

The beautiful detail and heavenly coloring of this figurine brings a touch of the divine to any display. With a graceful pose and serene expression, this angel is sure to become a cherished heirloom. This angel is a wonderful choice for a baby’s nursery or as a memorial to a loved one who has passed on. It makes a thoughtful gift for friends and family members of all ages.