What to Look for in a Utility Payment Solution

A utility payment solution helps to reduce the time it takes for customers to pay their utilities by providing a wide range of payments options. It also allows utility companies to automate processes that can help them avoid errors and streamline the process.

A good utility billing system should have an error-control system for invoice verification, ensuring that all the data entered into the database is valid. It should be able to verify all the data before the actual billing process begins, which will save the company millions in collection and postage fees.

The utility billing solution must be able to take payments directly from customer bank accounts, which is a much faster and more secure way of paying. It must also be able to take payments from multiple bank accounts, and should offer a variety of other features such as retrying payments and Success+ tool that help reduce payment failure rates.

In addition, the utility billing solution should allow customers to make payments via a mobile app and website. It should also have the option for recurring payments, which is a great way to ensure that bills are paid on time.

It should be able to integrate with back-end accounting tools, like QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel, for seamless integration and automation. It should also be PCI compliant, which is a requirement for processing payments. It should support various currencies and languages, and be scalable to accommodate large volumes of transactions. utility payment solution