What Is Included in a Relocation Fee?

When an employee is hired for a job that requires them to relocate, their employer

will often provide a relocation package. This package can include a number of

different items that help cover the cost of relocating for work, including the cost of

shipping household goods, airfare to and from the new location, rental costs,

mortgage assistance, and spousal job search support.

The amount of money included in a umzugsvergilch will vary depending on the size of

the household, the weight of HHG to be shipped, and whether or not a home is being

sold. However, the average relocation package tends to come in around $100,000.

This is why it’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions of a relocation

policy to understand exactly what is included and what might not be covered.

Typically, relocation packages include air travel costs to and from the new city for

the interview process. This can also extend to cover the cost of an employee’s family

members traveling for interviews as well. Additionally, employers will often pay for

the costs of housing tours and other trips to familiarize employees with their new

home town.

In the case of an international move, a relocation package might even include the

cost of foreign language classes and cultural assimilation instruction to ease the

transition into a new country. While this is not something that every company will be

willing to offer, it does show an interest in making the move as easy and

comfortable as possible for their newly relocated employees.

Another common item included in a relocation package is temporary housing. This

can be in the form of hotel rooms or home rentals. Depending on the length of time

that an employee is expected to remain in the new location, some companies may

be able to cover housing for longer periods of time. This is especially helpful if the

housing market in the new location is slow or if the employee hasn’t found a home

yet and wants to take some time to explore their options.

Many relocation packages also include moving expenses to and from the storage

facility where an employee’s household goods are being stored. This is a good way

to help avoid having to pay double the price of shipping for items that are being

moved back and forth between storage and the employee’s home. Additionally, it

can save on the cost of a second shipment for things like furniture or appliances that

need to be temporarily stored.

Having a clear understanding of what is covered in a relocation package will allow

you to negotiate with an employer about the needs that are most important to you.

It can also be helpful to research relocation packages offered by industry

competitors. This can help you prepare for a meeting with your employer and can

serve as a reality check to help keep expectations in line. It is best to approach this

meeting with a calm head and be prepared with specific examples of what you need

coverage for.