What Is a Dentist Office?

A dental office (say: DI-tist-ah-ron) is a place where a dentist and other clinical and business staff work together to keep teeth clean, healthy, strong, and beautiful. It is important that patients find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere from the moment they enter the front door. This requires careful planning of all areas within the clinic, which is why many offices hire professionals to handle the clerical work and customer service.

The first thing that patients see is the reception area, which usually features couches and options for entertainment, such as televisions or magazines. This is a key area in the office, because it keeps patients comfortable while they wait to see the dentist. Some offices even have toys for children who may be anxious or bored.

This is also the area where the receptionist sits and answers questions about scheduling or insurance coverage. There are also computer stations where the staff can access patient records, which are usually computerized, though some smaller practices still use paper.

Another area is the dental clinic, which is where all of the tools for treating patients are kept. The dental chair is located in this area, along with lighting equipment, devices, handheld tools and instruments, suction machines, and oral irrigators. It is very important that the dental clinic stays sanitary and neat, because the patients’ health depends on it.

Finally, there are the administrative areas, which are usually where the clerical and business staff spend their time. These may include the offices of dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists. Dentist office