What Are Airguns?

Airguns are a type of firearm that uses compressed air rather than gunpowder to propel projectiles, such as pellets or BBs. They come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and power levels. Many hobbyists use them to develop their marksmanship skills before moving on to more powerful guns. Other shooters may prefer the quiet, economical nature of these guns and the fact that they are legal to use in places where the noise or recoil of a firearm is prohibited.

The first modern air guns were developed in the 1800s. Most were cocked by a lever that pulled back a piston against a spring, allowing the release of air that fired a BB into the barrel. This is similar to how a primitive blowgun works, but with a much more efficient and accurate mechanism.

Pellets are metal projectiles, usually made from lead with a solid or hexispherical (round nose) head and a hollow, funnel-shaped rear portion known as a skirt. The tail of the skirt generates significant aerodynamic drag, providing a stabilizing force that prevents the pellet from yawing in flight and maintaining consistent trajectories. The combination of this forward weight and the aerodynamic drag also keeps the pellet from accelerating past the point where its mass is less than the kinetic energy of the air escaping from the nose.

The firing mechanism in most spring and gas-spring air rifles is very simple, making them easy to operate. This simplicity also helps them to be long-lasting and dependable.  airguns