Welding Stainless Steel – How to Tig Weld it Like a Monster

Tig welding tempered steel resembles an artistic expression. It takes artfulness, persistence, a decent eye, and eagerness to keep the guidelines for welding spotless. What are the guidelines?

Rule 1…There is an old guideline that says utilize one amp for each thousandth of an inch of thickness. For welding hardened steel , it takes somewhat not exactly that. For anything more than .125″ numerous passes are all together and typically 100 amps is bounty.

Rule 2…never utilize a carbon steel brush or carbon steel filler pole. The weld could look fine for a couple of days yet soon it will rust and make you seem to be the slug you are assuming you pursue faster routes like that.

Rule 3…get in and get out. Flatulating around getting the weld moving once you light up, or welding truly sluggish develops heat that you can’t beat. At the point when you light up, ensure you are prepared to weld. Get rolling and race the intensity. Mutilation is no joking matter with impeccable as well and low intensity input forestalls twisting. Low intensity input doesn’t be guaranteed to mean low amperage. Once in a while a higher amperage will allow you to get in and get out and placed less generally heat in the part.

Rule 4… utilize a gas focal point . Gas focal point collet bodies work better compared to old school collet bodies. They cost all the more yet they work better. You want all the assist you with canning get with gas safeguarding on the grounds that the weld, however the hot tip of the hardened steel tig bar should be safeguarded by argon. Why? Since oxidation of the hot tip of the filler makes the puddle languid. A drowsy puddle takes more amps to stream. More amps implies more staining, more intensity information, and more twisting.

Rule 5… hold a tight curve. A long curve will make the finish of your filler bar ball up and mass into the puddle. You don’t need that.

Rule 6… Try not to pursue the puddle. While how to weld stainless steel at times the puddle will meander for various reasons like attractive powers or intensity sinks. Finish what has been started and go for it. Things will get comfortable without help from anyone else and be more uniform in the event that you don’t pursue the puddle.