Water Soluble Bag Manufacturers

The water soluble bags are made of a material that dissolves completely in the wash cycle and can be used to isolate contaminated laundry from other items. This is an environmentally friendly and hygienic solution that eliminates direct contact between staff and contaminated clothing. Water soluble bags are typically used in hospitals, nursing homes and other health related facilities.

Manufacturer of standard and custom polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) bags. Bags are available in various sizes including 26 to 39 in. length and 0.8 in. thickness and feature a tie tape closure. Bags can be printed for product identification and brand promotions. Also provides hot stamping, embossing and flexography services. Other products include specialty packaging, transfer printing and embroidery films. Serves medical and textile industries.

PVA bags are primarily used as a laundry bag in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities. They can be filled with contaminated laundry and dropped directly into the washing machine, eliminating direct contact between operators and contaminated garments. The bags are fully dissolved in the wash cycle and leave no traces either in the water or on the garments.

Water soluble bags are a highly cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional laundry bags and can be made from recyclable materials. They are also safe for use with sensitive fabrics and are completely biodegradable, leaving no waste behind. The bag’s film is able to absorb dye and color during the laundering process, which helps to prevent the colors from bleeding. water soluble bag manufacturers

The bags can be easily sealed by hand or with a hot sealer, and they are available in a range of colors and sizes. The bags are also tamper evident, helping to protect against identity theft and other potential security concerns.

Another use of water soluble bags is for storing food in restaurants and other catering establishments. They are a safer and more convenient alternative to plastic bags, as they can be quickly opened or closed with a simple twist of the top. Additionally, they are fully reusable and can be stored in bulk for easy storage and distribution.

The water soluble bags are made from a unique, high-performance film that is designed to be both cold and hot water soluble. They are specially formulated to ensure that the cold water soluble portion is kept out of contact with wet laundry during processing and storage, and the hot water soluble portion is only released when the bag is in use. This means that the bags are safe to use with both cold and wet laundry, ensuring that the risk of bacteria and odors is minimized. The film can be manufactured using a variety of conventional manufacturing techniques and is particularly suited for use in production of laundry bags. Bags formed from the composite film may be bonded to an additional hot or cold water soluble film in order to make them suitable for use with both wet and dry laundry. The bags are then available for purchase from a number of different manufacturers.