Video Marketing With YouTube Will Drive Tons of Free Traffic

Why do I think video marketing is most important? Your customers can see who they are dealing with. Not just some guy looking to take their money from them and move on. Build a relationship with your customers and this will build trust between you and them.

Most people think its going to take many hours to make a video. I used to think the same way. But the opposite is true! Simply make two short videos about 3 minutes long, telling your customers all about your website and what you have to offer them.

Even better tell them some valuable information. And after you tell, ask if they want to find out more information. If they do invite them to click on your link!

Here are the tips to streamline you video marketing:

1. Create 2 short videos about 3 minutes long, telling your customers about your site and with the call to action phrase: “click the link under this video!”

2. Have a plan of attack before you start shooting your short videos. Never sit down when you’re making a video always stand up. Have a list off build point and put them up behind the camera this will make your video more professional.

3. When uploading videos make it a point to upload them all on the same day. This will give you a plan off action. So on Monday you will up load 14 video’s that your two a day and upload them in one sitting, so your not going to YouTube every day, once are twice a week will be fine

When ever you login to YouTube. Remember you are here to do one job and one job only. don’t get side tracked by watching other video’s this is what happen to people they go there to do a job that only take 20 minutes and next thing you know its 2 hours later and still no videos uploaded.

When you shoot a short video just upload it don’t be think I look bad are I not happy with. I have a friend who shot a video 40 times before he was 100% with it, that must off took him hours, Remember your not shooting professional videos. Your mean goal here is to give your costumers real value in this short video. buy youtube watch hours