Utility Payment Solution

Utility payments are a vital part of everyday life. According to Nerdwallet, people spend about 115$ per month on electricity, 59$ on gas and water and 25$ on waste. It’s no wonder that managing utility bills requires a special payment solution.

Credit card payment processing for utilities is a powerful tool to increase revenue, improve timely payments and reduce operational expenses. It helps customers pay their utility bills in a safe and secure manner while enabling businesses to process these payments quickly and efficiently.

As an EBPP provider, you can offer your customers multiple billing options, such as debit and credit cards, direct deposit and ACH credit, all in a single management platform. You can also integrate with smart meters for usage based billing. Your customers can also pay through a branded app that supports one-time and recurring payments. In addition, you can connect to our walk-in payment retailer network, PV Walk-in, to allow your customers to make cash payments in 40,000 grocery stores and convenience stores.

Your customers can also make payments around the clock by using your e-commerce website. You can configure your website to allow clients to pay their utility bills at any time of the day or night. You can also let them buy add-on services, such as discounts, bonuses and vouchers that will help them save money on their utility bill payments. You can even allow your clients to purchase these products online by providing them a virtual terminal, where they will be able to input the relevant details. utility payment solution