UniJoin Review

UniJoin is a Bitcoin mixer that guarantees anonymity of the users. It uses CoinJoin technology to make the transactions more secure and provide untraceable coins to the wallets. It also claims to be more efficient than the other mixers and offers the best quality mixing. Its website can be accessed through Tor browser which keeps your identity private while visiting its site.

The team behind this platform is well aware of how easy it can be for unauthorized parties to access your cryptocurrency operations with the right information and tools. This is why they are determined to beef up your security and give you the desired anonymity. Its function is similar to the way you privatize your site connections and IP address with a VPN.

Using this service is quite simple. Once you create an account on the website, you can start the process of mixing your cryptos. To do this, you must enter your wallet address on the page provided and choose distribution and time delay. After this, you will be redirected to the Unipool where you will join other anonymous users in the pool. Once you’re done, you will receive your new mix coins to your wallet.

Currently, UniJoin only mixes Bitcoin, but the team is planning to include other cryptocurrencies in its list of offerings. It also prioritizes user privacy and doesn’t keep any logs to ensure this. This makes it an ideal crypto mixer for those who want to avoid a potential data breach or to stay anonymous with their crypto finances. UniJoin