The Scara Robot is a Four-Axis Robot With Excellent Repeatability

The scara robot has an excellent repeatability and is able to move at high speeds. It can do a lot of repetitive work that is tedious for humans to perform, such as putting screws in place. It can also do work that requires fine movements, such as picking objects out of a container. These robots can be used to replace human workers for tasks that require delicate work or jobs that are unsafe for human workers to do.

The robot is composed of two servo motors, which are controlled by a programmable controller. The robot can also have a vision system connected to it, which can detect and identify parts in the work area. The system can then synchronize the movement of the conveyor belt or other machinery with the movement of the robot, so that the robot can pick up and place parts into the correct position.

Unlike cartesian robots, which take up a large amount of space in the work area, scaras are compact and have a small footprint. Their axes are compliant in the X and Y planes, but rigid in the Z axis. This combination of flexible and rigid motion allows the robot to move in a circular work envelope.

SCARA robots can be commanded to follow a specific trajectory in Cartesian coordinates, or in joint coordinates, which are the positions of all the joints in the robot arm. These positions can be mapped into a specific trajectory using inverse kinematics.

There are several different sizes of scara robots available to meet the needs of a variety of applications. Each model has a different ratio of the lengths of the arm links, and some have been designed to perform optimally in certain applications, such as pick-and-place operations.

The performance of a scara robot depends on the speed, accuracy and repeatability of its movement, the inertia of its end-effector and the load it will be carrying. The best SCARA robots are able to achieve speeds of up to 20 kilograms per second, with position repeatability down to one hundredth of a millimeter.

DENSO offers three different models of four-axis SCARA robots, including the HS-A1, HSR and HM Series. These models vary in their arm lengths, payload capacities and speed capabilities. They are also offered in cleanroom ISO 3 versions, dust and mistproof (wrist IP65, unit IP54) and ceiling-mount options.

All of these features make the scara robot ideal for assembly, handling and packing applications. The robot is also able to operate in environments where conventional industrial robots would not be able to do so, such as corrosive or dusty environments. Its compact size and low weight make it easy to mount onto a machine. Moreover, the motors are easily accessible for maintenance and replacement. This is a benefit over other types of robots, which require complex and expensive mounting systems to protect the motor from contamination. The rotary joints can be cleaned and sealed, which reduces the risk of contamination and increases the life of the motors.