The Nuts and Bolts of Buying Old Vintage Farm Toys

Oddly enough one the most popular farm toy is the vintage manure spreaders. After all you have to have your toy tractor pull something around,The Nuts and Bolts of Buying Old Vintage Farm Toys Articles don’t you? And since almost every farm or any large size garden in the country used a spreader of some kind or another, it is no wonder that toy vintage manure spreaders end up being so collectable.Buying Farm Toys and Other Vintage ProductsAccording to the experts, the term vintage refers to any item that is at least 20-30 years old. So many people are surprised that the toys they played with in their childhood, especially, old vintage farm tractors with those tiny working vintage manure spreaders may be worth a tidy sum of money. Collecting vintage farm toys can be a wonderful hobby, especially for those who have fond memories of growing up carefree and wild in the rural countryside. In the US, families were known by the farming equipment they used, John Deere Green, Ford Blues, IHC and Massey Ferguson Reds. And so farm toy collectors often follow along with their family traditions. Many collectors stay more or less with the type of manufactures of manure spreaders and machinery that grew up on. So depending on the individual a missing vintage toy from a specific brand or era could fetch an unusually high price at auctions.So the first step in developing a sellable collection is to concentrate on a particular farm machinery maker. And the best way to do that is by collecting vintage farm toys that you personally like. By collecting trucks, tractors, wagons and other vintage toys like manure spreaders from say from a specific company like John Deere or International Harvester (IHC), you will naturally over the course of time become an expert in that area.Next you need to understand your budget constraints. During hard economic times, collectors just like everyone else are prone to sell off their valued items in order to make some fast cash. But there are certain things you need to be aware of before you bid on just any old replica vintage manure spreaders.Remember the condition of a toy is all important. Check for excessive wear and tear. Are any tiny parts or detailed moldings broken off or worn away? Is the model working the way it was designed to work? Has it been damaged and new or replacement parts added or been repaired? Is the paint chipped, or banged up? If you are not sure if you are looking at the original or a clever reproduction don’t be afraid to rely on the expert opinion of more experienced collector or a reputable dealer. If you don’t know of any local experts contact the nearest vintage toy club in your area for help or get in touch with a museum that specializes in similar items. Once you have determined the condition of a toy such as vintage manure spreaders and tractors, etc. you can buy with some measure of safety.  patere metal