Tennis Predictions

Tennis is one of the most nuanced and interesting sports to bet on, especially with its many tournaments and various surfaces that play to different players’ strengths. However, it’s important to understand that making tennis predictions is not just about selecting the correct winner of a particular match; instead, identifying betting markets where there are opportunities for favourable odds and value bets is key to long term betting success.

Whether you are looking for a bet on a specific match or a tennis tournament, we have the right tips for you. Our free picks are updated frequently and feature all the popular ATP and WTA events. Simply click on the ‘Match’ or ‘Events’ tab to see the top tennis predictions for the current day and beyond. The most popular picks shown will be for the ‘Money Line’ i.e. the favorite to win the match. Some picks may also include the relevant selected Set Score – for example ‘Rafa Nadal To Win 3-0’ which offers a higher pay out if successful. If a player retires or the match does not complete then the bet will still pay out if the selected result was correct however you should check the wagering rules with your sportsbook before placing your bet.

When putting together your tennis prediction it’s vital to take into account the respective level and form of each player. As well as the ATP and WTA rankings, it’s also worth taking a look at their recent performance to see how they’ve faired at major tournaments. It’s not uncommon for players to suffer from a slump after a big win or a great run, so this kind of information can be helpful when assessing potential value.

The other crucial element to consider when putting together your tennis prediction is the surface that the match will be played on. Grass, clay and hard courts all play to different strengths for players. For example, playing on clay is a huge advantage for baseline players and can significantly slow down a big serve. On the other hand, a grass court will allow for quick movement and shorten the recovery time of fast players. All of these factors can impact the odds for a match and help identify betting markets with value.

Another important factor to consider is a player’s age. As they get older, their ability to perform for longer periods of time can decline. This is particularly pertinent for Grand Slam tournaments where a player might be required to play five sets or more, which can quickly deplete their energy levels. All of this information is crucial to the process of putting together your tennis prediction and can give you that edge over other bettors. tennis predictions