Sports Rehab Canton Ohio

For many athletes, sports competition and training are a part of their lives. Whether it is competing at the highest level of a particular sport or simply enjoying the benefits of physical activity, it takes hard work and dedication to excel in your chosen endeavor. Unfortunately, injuries can sometimes be a setback that slows or even halts your progress.

Injuries due to athletic competition are not uncommon, and if you suffer from an injury, it is important to seek treatment from a certified physical therapist who specializes in sports rehab canton ohio to ensure that you receive the proper care that will speed up your recovery. A sports rehabilitation program will focus on addressing the underlying cause of your injury and restoring normal function, so you can return to competing at your best as soon as possible.

Complete Sports Rehabilitation is a cash based physical therapy practice, which allows us to focus on each patient individually. Our therapists will spend one hour with each patient, allowing them to properly assess the injured tissues, treat them when necessary, and develop an individualized program to meet each patients goals. This is a far better approach to rehabilitation than the insurance model that has patients in and out of PT sessions within 30 minutes, without giving the therapists the time they need to truly make a difference in each person’s health and fitness.

Gregory James, PT is a highly-rated physical therapist with a specialty in sports rehab. He accepts multiple insurance providers and is located in Canton, OH.  sports rehab canton ohio