Silver Menorahs Are a Great Way to Honor Jewish Traditions

As we head into the holiday season of Hanukkah, it’s important to remember that this is a time to honor the traditions of the Jewish faith. And that is not just a matter of lighting candles and singing traditional songs; the way in which you light your menorah — or hanukkiya, as it’s known — says something about who you are and what you value.

The hanukkiya is a multi-branched candelabra that Jews use in reenactments of the miracle of Hanukkah. The eight-day festival celebrates the triumph of the Jewish people over the tyranny of their conquerors in antiquity. It is also a time to honor the memory of those who were persecuted for their beliefs and the rebirth of Judaism in its modern incarnation.

Menorahs come in a variety of styles. There are traditional Biblical menorahs — essentially unchanged since the days of Moses — as well as more stylized, art-deco and Mid-Century Modern versions. Regardless of their style, menorahs are a symbol of the Jewish heritage and a reminder of the strength of one people over adversity.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, someone else, or to give as a gift, a silver menorah can be a great addition to your home. The silver shines and reflects the light of your candles, and you can be proud to display it for all to see. It’s also a great conversation starter when guests come over, and it can serve as a beautiful piece of jewelry in its own right.

At 1stDibs, you’ll find Silver menorahs that range from antique or vintage to contemporary. Some are handcrafted by Judaica artisans, including a collection from third-generation silversmith Avi Nadav. His designs incorporate the subtleties of ancient Yemenite filigree with exciting modern influences from Israel’s thriving arts scene.

One such design has rounded arms that reach up to delicate jug-shaped cups, perfect for Hanukkah candles. There is a middle shamash that can be used to light the other menorah candles, and the base features elegant filigree patterns.

This hanukkiya is marked on the bottom with marks that place it in mid-nineteenth-century Lviv, now part of Ukraine (known as Lemberg and Lwow at the time). It corresponds in almost every detail to the Moldovan lamp now on loan to The Met, which was modeled on a seventeenth-century brass menorah from the same city. Both lamps stand to the south of the Torah ark, an allusion to the fact that the menorah in the Temple and Tabernacle was placed to the left of the Ark.

We also offer a stunning 925 sterling silver menorah with an intricate Western Wall — Kotel — motif. It is a masterpiece of design, with the kind of refined craftsmanship that could serve as a family heirloom for generations to come. It is perfect for Hanukkah, and it comes with a reusable storage box.