Ring symbolism

Wear a mother’s ring to show the birth months of each of your children. The ring is made up of birthstones – one for each child – arranged in one of several styles.

A school ring that displays your year of graduation and the activities you are involved in. Tradition has it that the ring is worn with the insignia facing inward (toward you) while you are in school,Guest Posting and is changed so that the insignia faces out (away from you) after you have graduated.

Wear a friendship ring to symbolize a close – but not necessarily romantic – relationship. This ring is often worn on the little finger, but can be worn on any finger of either hand.

Choose an Irish Claddagh ring (two hands clasping a heart with a crown) as a friendship, engagement or wedding ring. Each item pictured is symbolic, as is the way that the ring is worn. (See “How to Wear a Claddagh Ring” in Related eHows, left.)

Give or wear a promise ring to symbolize love, faith and commitment – but not engagement. This ring is usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand, but is not as formal or expensive as an engagement ring.

Wear a diamond ring on the ring finger of the left hand to signify engagement. The diamond symbolizes purity and light.

Place a wedding ring on the ring finger of your left hand. Tradition says a vein from this finger runs directly to the heart, putting a ring worn here closer to the heart than a ring worn on any other finger.

Some jewelry has symbolism that is quite evident just by the design of the piece itself such as that of a Christian cross which shows the wearer is a believer or that of a Star of David which of course stands for the religion of Judaism. Others may require a little more investigation but the ring is a piece of jewelry that is full of symbolism in itself regardless of the design. The shape of a ring with its never ending circle is what makes it the perfect selection for the eternal love of a couple joined in marriage which is why they are used for weddings.

Rings like Citrine Ringandemerald ringshave more symbolism in some cultures than others. Some cultures may have certain classes of people who wear rings while others do not. Another use of rings is to signify the fact that one belongs to a certain group or fraternity. Graduation rings are a popular ring that is used for this purpose as are those worn by the winners of major sports events such as the Super Bowl or the NCCA Football National Championship.

The actual stones have their own meaning as well; birthstones are a great example of this with different stones having a meaning for each month of the year. Everyone has heard the statement, “Diamonds are forever”, which is why they are used for engagement and wedding rings.

In many cultures the finger upon which a person wears a ring bears a certain significance as well. Some societies view the thumb as a symbol of will power and therefore a person that wears a ring on their thumb is viewed as having a strong will. If one wears the ring on their index finger this is considered the authority finger and can indicate that the person is of higher political or social standing. Those who where a ring on their ring finger are seen as being imaginative and having a high degree of creativity.

The act of giving someone a ring requires a lot more forethought than you would imagine. Some people place a higher importance and significance on rings and on what finger the ring is worn on so you need to have a good understanding of the person’s personal feelings and beliefs about rings before you buy them one. This is why it pays to try to slow down and understand the reason behind the creation of a certain ring like citrine ring or other piece of jewelry like Bracelet Necklaceand realize that their may be enormous symbolism behind it.  moss agate rings