Pre Insulated Ductwork Benefits For Builders and Contractors

Pre-insulated ductwork offers builders and contractors a number of benefits in a range of construction applications. These include a more rapid installation process, increased energy performance, and improved occupant comfort, all contributing to reduced operational costs over the life of the building.

When choosing a pre-insulated duct system, it’s important to consider the design, construction and installation requirements of your project. There are various sizes and shapes of duct systems available, each with their own unique set of advantages.

Kingspan KoolDuct phenolic panels are a good choice for pre insulated ductwork in both new buildings and retrofits, as they can be used to replace traditional galvanized sheet metal and mineral wool insulation. The result is an efficient, high-performance duct system with air-leakage rates that are a fraction of those of traditional duct systems – potentially reducing long-term energy demands and costs.

The phenolic panels can be delivered flat to reduce transportation and storage space, and are simple to cut, mark, label and fit on-site. This can greatly improve the speed of installation and reduce labor costs, while also making the duct more versatile, allowing it to be adapted to radius walls and ceilings. Furthermore, the panels are incredibly lightweight – up to 75% lighter than a similar galvanized sheet metal system with mineral wool – which further increases installation speed and reduces structural support requirements.

Our CLIMAVER ventilation ducts are pre-insulated with a special NETO glass fabric, providing excellent acoustic absorption to create a quieter environment for occupants. The ducts help to reduce noise levels from mechanical equipment and other sources of nuisance sound. This is especially important in buildings with large occupied areas, such as hospitals, schools and offices.