Osteopath in Dubai

Osteopathy is an alternative medicine which focuses on manual techniques to diagnose and treat the musculoskeletal system. Its main principle is that the body possesses self-healing mechanisms and all parts of the body are interrelated. The main treatment is osteopathic manipulations and the use of various techniques such as neuromuscular, fascial, craniosacral, visceral, indirect techniques and direct osteopathic manipulation.

Our osteopaths are specialized in treating adults, children and babies. Pediatric osteopathic techniques are particularly well-suited for newborns suffering from torticollis, reflux and colic. They also help with latching and feeding problems.

An osteopath is a primary healthcare practitioner who diagnoses and treats musculoskeletal conditions. They are trained to assess the whole body, including its internal structures and all aspects of your health. They will perform a detailed musculoskeletal examination to determine the root cause of your symptoms and devise an individualised treatment plan. They may use a range of gentle manipulations, such as soft tissue massage and joint articulation to release areas of tension or muscular spasm, increase joint mobility, and improve circulation to reduce pain.

When you have a problem with your car, you take it to a mechanic. They will check the traction control and either put oil/tighten screws or replace it. The same is the case with osteopathic treatment for your back pain, headache or other problems. Your osteopath will look at your whole body and by simply applying their hands they perceive all the bodily elements (blood flow, nervous impulses). They then use their hands to trigger your body’s self healing properties and heal you. osteopath in Dubai