Online Food Order Near Me During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic has made it unsafe or impossible to dine out, many customers have turned to online food ordering services. Whether they are looking to try something new or simply save time and effort, these apps offer the convenience of having a meal delivered right to their door. For restaurant owners, offering delivery can also be a way to keep customers coming back during the challenging times of the pandemic.

These apps make it easy to find a restaurant nearby and place an order for pickup or delivery. Then, the customer can use a credit card or cash to pay for the food at pickup or through the app. For restaurants that have their own in-house delivery service, the customer may also create an account with them to keep track of past orders.

Some of the most popular online food delivery apps include Grubhub, Seamless and Postmates. These apps are well-established and have broad reach in the U.S. In addition to a streamlined interface, they allow customers to search for restaurants based on their location and cuisine. Customers can also take advantage of discounts and deals, view estimated delivery times and leave instructions for their driver if they choose contact-free delivery.

Instacart is another great option for people who want to avoid the hassle of going out but still need to eat. Instacart specializes in grocery deliveries, so it can pick up items from local stores and deliver them directly to a customer’s home. It even offers a $9.99-per-month subscription that eliminates delivery fees and lets users tip their couriers.

Another option is DoorDash, which is available in more than 800 cities and has an extensive list of restaurants to choose from. It also enables customers to save their favorite restaurants for easier ordering. In addition to standard delivery fees, the app has a DashPass subscription that provides free delivery and reduced service charges for meals of $12 or more at participating restaurants.

The newest entry into the delivery-app market is Uber Eats, which feels like a natural extension of its ride-sharing business. The company has a huge fleet of drivers, and the app makes it easy for customers to find their favorite restaurant and discover new ones. It also offers a variety of other options, including snacks, ice cream and alcohol.

For a quirkier choice, GoPuff is an app that specializes in delivering groceries to a customer’s doorstep. It offers a wide range of products, from snacks and ice cream to cleaning supplies and over-the-counter medicine. The app lets customers leave delivery instructions for their driver, and it can even notify them when they have been sent a package. It is not yet available in all locations, but it hopes to be widely available soon. online food order near me