Mac Lato – An Indica Strain With a Long Lineage

MAC LATO is a top shelf cannabis strain with an impressively long lineage. This hybrid is perfect for any marijuana consumer who appreciates heavy flavor and a euphoric high. It is also a great option for medical marijuana users. This strain helps to ease symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as manage insomnia and chronic pain. Additionally, it is often used to help patients deal with appetite loss and nausea caused by a variety of ailments.

Developed through crossing Gelato x Grape MAC, this indica dominant hybrid delivers a blend of earth and spice with hints of sweet fuel. This bud’s dense, frosty olive green nugs are topped with deep purple hues and sparse orange hairs. Each nug is encrusted with an abundance of tiny white crystal trichomes.

The high with maclato is a blend of euphoric and relaxing effects. Users report a rush of heady effects that fill the mind with feelings of happy creativity and pure euphoria. This is paired with a deep body relaxation that leaves the user feeling relaxed and calm.

This strain’s effects are attributed to its high THC content of 21-29% on average. This combined with its soothing, calming effects make it the perfect choice to unwind after a long day or to find peace during reflective moments. This weed’s relaxing effect can also help with minor pain and tension in the muscles or joints. This strain is also said to aid in treating insomnia, fatigue, depression, nausea, stress, mood swings and chronic pain. maclato strain