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The human history of the area around Hattingen and its neighbouring towns of Welper, Wesel, Blankenstein, Ludwigstal and the western hillside of the Isenberg goes back a long way: Archaeological findings prove that parts of today’s city centre were inhabited since Neolithic times.

Around the year 1580 the Protestant Reformation reached the Hattingen area and led to the cities’ detachment from the catholic church with only Blankenstein and Niederwenigern remaining as Catholic communities. Wars, military conflicts and the menacing Black Death were a constant presence in the subsequent centuries, which left its mark on the cities’ development and prosperity.

After the Second World War, the people of Hattingen had no time for resignation: They worked hard to rebuild their city and its economy. Modern factories and businesses settled down on the site of the former flange and bearing factory Henrichshutte, as well as in the old industrial districts of Ludwigstal and Am Beul. A new focus on medicine turned Hattingen into a famous centre of health in the region. The historical old city centre (Altstadt) was renovated and is today still visited by thousands of people.

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