Lag Bolts for TV Mounts

Whether you want to mount your TV or hang something else in your home, you’ll need strong mounting hardware. Lag bolts are heavy-duty wood screws with hexagonal heads that are ideal for hanging anything semi-permanently (like a TV) in your home. We love them because they’re tough and durable, but also easy to use. Just predrill the holes and drive them in with a wrench or impact driver. It’s important to make sure you don’t over-tighten the bolts, as that can cause them to snap or strip. But once you get the hang of driving lag bolts, it’s pretty easy to do.

If you’re using a low-profile TV mount like the SANUS LL11 HDPro(tm) Super Slim, it’s even easier to install and doesn’t require studs in every single corner. It uses two studs in the middle of the wall and a bridge piece that extends out to each side. The bridge holds the rest of the TV mount and can be removed for cable access if needed. This is perfect for mounting your flat screen TV and allows you to keep the mount as slim as possible.

For a full-featured TV mount like the LL11, there are several features that make it the best available on the market. Its ProSet(tm) feature makes post-installation height and leveling micro-adjustments simple, even with off-center studs. Its lateral shift feature allows the TV to move left and right on the wall plate to center it with your viewing angle. And the ClickStand(tm) technology keeps the TV positioned just.55″ / 1.4 cm from the wall while allowing it to easily stand up for cable access. Lag Bolts for TV mount