Kohl (Arabic: ; Hindi: k hl, Kajal or Tiro)

Kohl (Arabic: ; Hindi: khl, Kajal or Tiro) is an eye cosmetic traditionally made of ground stibnite (Sb2S3), which may be used to darken the eyelids and/or as mascara for the eyebrows. The ingredients and methods of preparing kohl vary by region. Traditional kohl is typically kept in a small pot and shaped like a pencil or stick for ease of application. It can also be purchased in a squeezable tube, similar to mascara or in a jar with a hardened tip, for thicker applications.

It is often believed that kohl protects the eyes from evil spirits and sun glare. It is therefore worn by women, especially Muslim women. Many ahaadeeth report that the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam used to lightly apply kohl to his eyes before prayer. Newborn babies are delicately dabbed with kohl in the belief that it will protect them from evil and reduce sun damage to the eyes. Some modern eye cosmetics are marketed as kohl but are prepared differently and in accordance with relevant health standards.

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