How To Use In Store Marketing To Increase Your Market Share

Whether you’re looking for new ways to promote your product in store or are interested in increasing your market share, in-store marketing has many tools that can help. Unlike online marketing, in-store promotions are able to offer an experience that connects with customers in a very real way and helps build strong brand awareness.

in store marketing is a great tool for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands as it allows them to upsell (sell more expensive similar products) or cross-sell (selling complementary products such as toothpaste and toothbrush). By using in-store marketing to promote a product, you can create a physical connection with your consumers that will lead to more repeat business.

When customers are in-store, it’s a great opportunity to introduce them to new products that they may not have been aware of or even thought of buying. For example, if a customer regularly visits a shop to buy fishing gear and you start selling a new line of rods, you can place a marketing message nearby that explains the benefits of the new products and their USPs.

Providing new and innovative in-store marketing techniques such as video walls and in-store displays can help to attract the attention of your customers and encourage them to spend more money at your store. However, these methods have high upfront costs and often require ongoing maintenance. This is where solutions such as Tokinomo are a better option, as they allow you to use your existing digital technology and can reduce the cost of attracting customers in-store.