How to Get Started With YouTube Live

YouTube live is a unique way to connect with your audience in real time. It allows you to host a variety of events including workshops, Q&A sessions and product launches. Live streaming also gives you a unique opportunity to engage your audience, drive traffic and grow your business in a variety of ways.

To get started with youtube live click the “Create video” button on your channel’s dashboard. Select the ”Live stream” option then choose whether you want to go live right now or at a later date. Enter a title and description and choose the topic category (or leave it blank for broad categories like ’Science’ or ’Health & Fitness’). You can then customize your settings by selecting a camera and sound option, enabling or disabling live captions and deciding whether to target your content at kids.

You can then add a thumbnail image, and decide on the privacy setting for your stream (Public, Friends Only or Private). Finally you can choose whether to enable monetization, promotions or other settings. If you are using a mobile device you can also take a selfie to use as your video thumbnail.

A key part of your preparation for any live stream should be a script or notes. This will help you avoid any clumsy or embarrassing mistakes. It will also ensure you don’t run out of things to say. YouTube live audiences have scheduled time to tune in so don’t let them down with rambling nonsense or dead air. It’s also important to check the quality of your equipment before you go live, especially your microphone and camera. Also make sure you have backup batteries or chargers.

Once you’re live on youtube, be sure to interact with your audience in the comments to keep them engaged and connected. You can also use your live stream to promote future content, products and giveaways. Lastly, don’t forget to analyze your live streams afterward for insights and opportunities to improve. Sprout’s YouTube management tools are a great way to do this as they allow you to track engagement, views and more.

If you want to learn more about YouTube live, check out our blog: How To Boost Your Live Stream Views. And don’t forget to try Sprout’s YouTube management tools free for 30 days!

While livestreaming can be intimidating, it’s a powerful tool for connecting with your audience. By following these simple tips you can create engaging and informative videos that will boost your online presence.

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