How to Find the Perfect Sweater

Sweaters are a winter wardrobe essential. They help keep you warm while looking chic. Whether you prefer form-fitting sweaters that hug your figure or oversized sweaters that make you feel comfortable, the most important thing is to choose one that’s made from high quality materials and fits you well. It’s also a good idea to get your measurements done when buying sweaters. The hem should be long enough to cover your bottoms and avoid any unsightly gaps or bunching.

Wool is one of the best materials for a sweater because it’s insulating, keeping you warm and cozy while maintaining your body heat. But if you don’t want to wear wool or prefer a more lightweight fabric, try an acrylic or cotton blend. Nylon or polyester can be a good choice too since they offer some of the same benefits as natural fabrics but cost less and require less resources to produce.

Another option for a sweater is to go with a blend of cashmere and wool. It’s softer than just wool and will keep you toasty while feeling lighter than pure cashmere. But be wary of 100% cashmere sweaters that can be prone to pilling, stretching and even smelling like mothballs.

You may also see sweaters in different silhouettes, from ribbed cardigans to fitted knit tops. Nikki Chwatt, a Style Commerce Editor at WWD and Footwear News, says that silhouette is far more important than trendiness when it comes to finding the perfect sweater for you. The silhouette should fit your shape and frame so that it flatters rather than clings to your body.