How to Find the Best Personal Trainer in London

Whether you’re after a more sculpted physique or simply want to break a sweat, hiring a personal trainer in London will get you closer to your fitness goals. On average, a session with a PT costs PS50 or more, but it can be cheaper if you buy in bulk or choose to workout outside of central London.

A PT’s pricing structure may vary, so make sure you find out what they charge per session and how often they expect you to meet. Many PTs also offer free or discounted introductory or discovery sessions, so you can test out their skills before making any commitments. If you’re looking to save on the cost of a PT, consider working out outside of London or opting for online-only training sessions.

The city’s best PTs have world-class experience. Some even have celebrity clients, which means they know how to sculpt a body that will impress the camera and stand out in the spotlight.

Shaun Stafford, a former rugby player and winner of the WBFF pro fitness model world championships, uses his athletic approach to help clients sculpt lean muscles and tone their bodies. His sessions include strength and conditioning, as well as boxing and plyometric drills.

Laura Victoria Long, who works out of the Foundry gym in London, combines functional fitness and progressive strength overload training to get her clients into shape. Her workouts are fun, different from your standard spin class (think flipping tractor tyres and sprinting with loaded sleds), and her positive vibes will have you feeling great before you even step into her studio.

USP: Having trained members of the Royal family, Mark Higson is a top choice for those seeking elite-level coaching. He is a fitness expert in all aspects of health and wellness, including mobility and nutrition. He uses a combination of movement screening, massage and strength and conditioning training to deliver transformational results.

The team at Ultimate Performance creates client body transformations that border on magical. They are some of the most highly qualified and rigorously tested PTs in the country, and they use their extensive knowledge to build programmes that will achieve the best possible results.

Unlike some PTs, who work for a single gym or chain of clubs, many operate independently and have their own private studios or home-based gyms. Some of them specialise in specific areas of fitness, such as weight loss or sports-specific training, while others have a wide range of specialisms and can help you with everything from improving your core to increasing muscle strength. Many also have a range of other services, such as nutritionists or sleep coaches, which could be beneficial for your overall wellbeing and health. In addition to offering regular sessions, they can also advise you on how to integrate fitness into your daily life and lifestyle. This can be especially helpful if you’re a busy professional, and they will work with you to ensure that your sessions fit around your schedule.  personal training london